Novos talentos 2014 - Agricultura sustentável



Approaching university students with academic opportunities, scientific, professional and entrepreneurship embedded in the challenge of increasing food production on a global scale and at the same time, enhancing the sustainability of production systems. This is the main objective of the "New Talent Award for Sustainable Agriculture". In total, the competition will distribute prizes to young winners worth 55,000 reais, aimed at supporting the formation of Start Ups from the selected ideas.

The award was created before the global scenario projects a food supply crisis on the horizon for the next decades. It is in this context that the UN agency for Food and Agriculture (FAO) calls on Brazil to deliver 40% of the additional demand for food in the world market, an effort that should represent a total of over 100 million tons in twenty years.

So, how to produce more food, and at the same time enhance sustainability and reduce consumption of scarce resources? "It is to this historic challenge that the" New Award Talent "is calling young people from all areas of knowledge, focused on the technology, which does not always coexist with agricultural issues," said Professor Evaldo Vilela, Director of Science, technology and Innovation FAPEMIG.

According to Vilela, Project Coordinator, "It is very possible that a student in the  robotics area, mechatronics or other engineering areas already have an idea able to minimize cost and to rationalize the use of water in irrigation." In addition to agricultural sciences, areas such as biology, computer science, economics, design and management are considered, as the sector requires urgent solutions in the areas of management and planning.