Novos talentos 2014 - Agricultura sustentável



The Award Coordination for the New Talent for Sustainable Agriculture is pleased to inform the 2014 edition of results.


1st Place Project Fertilibac - ESALQ

Led by Bruna Durante Batista, with a PhD in Genetics and Plant Breeding ESALQ (USP), directed by Professor Maria Carolina Verdi. In summary, the research team "Fertilibac" developed work with rhizobacteria found in the guarana plant roots, in the Amazon, which has great potential to stimulate the productivity of soybeans and corn. The central concept of research reveals the enormous innovation potential available in the country's biodiversity heritage.

They took the prize of R $ 30,000.00.


2nd Place Project Team Advantage - UFMG

Led by Matthew Moken Ganen, an Aerospace Engineering student at UFMG. He developed a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) to monitor the planting areas through a software able to indicate precisely, among other parameters, the degree of need for pesticide application. The technology results in reduced costs for producers, in addition to the positive environmental impact.

They took the prize of R $ 10,000.00.


3rd Place Project Betagro - UFLA

The work presented by Luciana Pinto, UFLA third place, also sees significant returns in the environmental area, as it seeks to use low-cost products to expand the agrochemical efficiency, reducing its application. The Betagro team is coordinated by Professor Luciana Pinto.

They took the prize of R $ 5,000.00.


4th Place Organic Corn Project - UFV

The team of Luiz Fernando Favarato, from UFV, was also awarded with R$ 5,000 for the development of an innovative equipment that enables the organic planting on a large scale. Professor João Carlos Cardozo Galvão was the coordinator of this team.

They took the prize of R $ 5,000.00.